Skin Deep 205

I’ve just finished putting Tattoo Vixens 2 together and a thought sprang from one of the interviews I did for it. How come it’s so cool, hip and groovy to be into the ’50s and ’60s lifestyle? There’s a lot of culture from both of those decades to brag about that’s for sure.

But me? I’m well and truly fully entrenched in the ’70s. I don’t deck my house out in crap furniture and stupid lamps, but culturally my hat hangs proudly in that corner. All the good music stopped at the end of the ’70s. And you can tell all the good TV and movies came from that period too because they’re still foolishly remaking them.

How come it’s a totally authentic experience to embrace the rockabilly lifestyle, but if I was to go to the store looking like Sweet’s Brian Connolly (do your own research), passers-by would throw fruit at me. How do I know this? Just trust me…

Nope. Nothing good came after the ’70s – except in tattoo culture.

Even those who appreciated and lusted after what came ‘before’, revamped traditional styles to sit in today’s lounge more than comfortably, but I’m sitting here wondering whatever happened to tribal. Yeah, I know it’s still around like a red-headed step-child that nobody talks about, but it’s the last bastion of ‘what used to be’ and I’m curious as to why it never really grew into something that people want now. Once upon a time, everybody under the sun had a ‘cutting edge’ piece of tribal work – self included – but it never really developed into anything other than what it was. Sadly, this black and bold sign of the times is little more than target practice for laser treatment these days.

What happened to New-Tribal or Neo-Tribal? Post-Neo-Tribal? Was it really so bad that when the death bell rang, it tolled permanently? I don’t believe for a second that out of the hundreds – maybe even thousands of talented tattoo artists out there, that it physically couldn’t go any further.

Maybe it’s just around the corner, but the question is probably better framed as ‘do we want it to be?’ I guess if anybody wanted New-Neo-Post-Tribal inkwork, it would already be out there – somewhere. Thoughts most welcome on this subject. You know where I am.

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