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About Me

I'm an italian tattoo artist with a 20 years of experience, worked from 1993 to september 2011 in my own shop in Lido degli estensi, Ferrara, Italy, then i moved to Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain where i opened a shop and had the opportunity to know other artists from around the world. In july 2013 i've opened a shop in Ferrara, Italy where i actually work. I love travel and work with other artists to keep growing professionally cause i think that after 20 years i've always something to learn. I'm looking to move and work in Europe out of Italy to have new experiences in my job. I tattoo especially with fine lines and colour and i would like to learn better the old style technique that is not my best. I love motorcycles, travel with my girlfriend, cooking, paint and create. I don't use drugs, i don't drink and i don't smoke, i have only fun doing my work!