Skin Deep 274

Skin Deep 274 28 February 2017 274

In issue 274 of Skin Deep, we’ve got a major exclusive with Lyle Tuttle which reads like the greatest pulp novel of all time! We've also got Katie McGowan and her vast array of talents, Matt Lodder shoots the breeze with us because he can, we take a look at the popularity of watercolour tattoos and try to figure out the meaning behind sacred geometry in the art (not in the same feature obviously). Then we’ve got Sean Herman changing the way the world works one tattoo at a time, a wrap-up of Tattoo Freeze and Johny D Matthews painting things which are very, very small indeed. There's a negasonic warhead load more inside along with some blockbusting portfolio pages from a whole bunch of machine wielders and a killer cover shot from Kamila Burzymowska. You know what to do…

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