Skin Deep 281

Skin Deep 281 12 September 2017 281

For issue 281 of Skin Deep, we come bearing huge sacks of greatness! Tony Evans launches his new Reality Tattoo TV show, Hannah Willison gets all avant garde on us, Jo Black shows us around her new studio, Black Moon, and we unearth some serious blackwork from the hands of Daniel Teixeira. Also on the bill, we have Mark Longnecker with tales of surfing and InkMaster, Sean Herman takes a serious but important look at PTSD and we are very pleased indeed to have a fine exclusive with the one and only Jean-Luc Navette. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we also take a look back at Tattoo Jam and TattooFest in Krakow and have some tasty ticket give-aways for some major European shows. As always, there’s a whole lot more inside. Come see…

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