Skin Deep 283

Skin Deep 283 7 November 2017 283

In this issue of Skin Deep - issue 283 by our counting - we come to you fully loaded! Gracing our cover is the ever wonderful Lauren Brock and inside you will find a whole bunch of things you won’t find elsewhere. We interview Pitta on his recent trip to the UK and discover what it’s like being a Korean artists in such high demand, we catch up with the might Carey Hart and look at his new ‘homemade’ ink and we also pay tribute to the career of the mighty Yokosuka Horihide. We have an exclusive with Nahko in which we talk tattoos along with the release of his album My Name Is Bear, and feature in depth talks with Isnard Barbosa, Benji Problemo and Rachel Howe about their lives and work…

..and that’s only half of it! Pick up a copy today to see what else we have going on. 

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