Skin Deep 286

Skin Deep 286 29 January 2018 286

In this latest issue of Skin Deep, Chad Koeplinger brings us his story of being the first man to tattoo in all 50 US States - that’s more than a few miles in the car! Frank Carter also turned up so we quizzed him about his latest project outside of tattooing for a change. We then have Judicael Vales who makes some seriously good skull jewellery when he’s not tattooing and happens to be a good friend of one Jason Momoa. Nice. We have interstellar work from Paul Hill, a Berlin studio profile on Alter Schwan, Sean Herman doing his thing, Anrijs Straume laying it bare… this is one packed issue. Throw in some photography, 13 pages of portfolios and whole bunch of other goodness and it’s a wonder it will fit through your letterbox.

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