Skin Deep 287

Skin Deep 287 26 February 2018 287

In issue 287 of Skin Deep, we head out for (vegan) lunch with the man who had 40,000 Xs tattooed upon him - that’s one X for each of the animals slaughtered by humans every second of the day. It sure gave us something to think about. We also went for a slightly larger meal with UK’s strongest man, Big Loz. On the artist front, we have features with Nobu Isobe, Natalie Nox, Jamie Christ, Ilja Hummel and the entire crew at Noia in Berlin. Throw in a couple of great stories about being a tattooed person out in the world and this is one fine looking issue. The cover this issue features Hollie Pryce Jones shot by Scott Cole.

Come get some.


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