Skin Deep 289

Skin Deep 289 17 April 2018 289

In issue 289 of Skin Deep, we fell in love with the work of Ben Kaye and suspect he might be the greatest colour realism tattooer on the face of the planet. We also talk with Arienette Ashman, Adam Willett, Gaston Tonus and Jordan Genigeski featuring the best of their work along the way before we spent a weekend with Jason Brennan to discover more about Skindigenous, his new 13 part documentary series. There’s photo coverage from Mondial du Tatouage and of course Sean Herman is on point revealing everything he’s learned from all of his years in the trenches. All the usual suspects and columnists are present and correct too. We hope you’re enjoying our bigger edition magazine - if it means more tattoos, that can only be a good thing around here.

This issue’s cover features Kimberly Ann shot by Scott Cole.

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