Skin Deep 290

Skin Deep 290 22 May 2018 290

In issue 290 of Skin Deep, we take a peek at 24 hours in the life of two apprentices to see how life in slow lane feels. We also have a fistful of spectacular artist interviews in the shape of Mowgli, Tommy Oh, Will Gee, David Christ, Alex Odisy and Ugly Kind Gumo - all of whom work at the sharp end of the originality scale - there’s page upon page of seriously curated work here.  

Meanwhile, Sean Herman is still busy transforming lives with every tattoo he lays down - this issue, we’re talking about the handing down of holy knowledge, where we might be headed in the future and what it means for us all.

Bringing up the rear, we have convention coverage from the Scottish Tattoo Con, Poznan Tattoo Con and of course, the usual array of suspects doing their thing. 

Bolt on fourteen pages of portfolios, eight pages of Skin Shots and we’re looking good. Our cover model this issue is Laika - shot by the inimitable Scott Cole.

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