Skin Deep 293

Skin Deep 293 14 August 2018 293

In issue 293 of Skin Deep, we take a look at some artists first tattoos and their journey to now. We also have Guy Fletcher talking about his tattooing allegiance to the NHS, Chris Morris and his addiction to pop culture, Amanda Piejak on being an original, whilst over on the other side of the pond, Daniel Silva talks about surviving Ink Master Angels. Alongside of that there’s the wildcard called Sewp, Jake Gordon with his seriously wonderful Black & Yellow work and the very exact Santhelia tells of his move from architecture to tattooing.

Not to be left out, the usual suspects all turn up on time with their views on tattooing this month and in a little curveball, we even managed to find some classy fiction for you.

It’s a scorcher. Let’s get it on.

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