Skin Deep 297

Skin Deep 297 4 December 2018 297

In issue 297 of Skin Deep, we bring you a special feature on pregnancy, breastfeeding and try to figure out how well they mix with tattooing - if at all! Then, we leapt into the darkness by spending time with our current favourite blackwork twins from Salem… not something we do everyday but it sure was fun. Meanwhile, we look closely at five female artists and their very different approaches to tattooing and art… a more diverse selection we could not have found this side of the sun. We also bring you full coverage from the recent Brussels Tattoo Convention, Sean Herman wraps up his piece on his buddy Matt Stebly and it’s that time of year when we give away a giant size 2019 calendar free inside of every issue.

Let’s do this. 2019 is around the corner! 

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