Skin Deep 298

Skin Deep 298 2 January 2019 298

In issue 298 of Skin Deep we take a sweeping look at a whole bunch of styles and trains of thought: We spent some time at Through My Third Eye - a studio where they do everything the right way! We found a small family unit in which most of the members are unable to get to tattooed and right at the opposite end of the scale, talked to Servadio who can’t stop pushing at the boundaries. We have great interviews with Dusty Past, Deborah Genchi, Marc Bonin and Strange Dust. Sean Herman is here as always with stories from his hometown and bringing it up at the rear, full coverage of one of the most exciting shows around in Cezanne. 

We may also have squeezed the most amount of tattoos into a single magazine ever. Not a bad way to end the year/start a new one.

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