Skin Deep 303

Skin Deep 303 21 May 2019 303

In issue 303 of Skin Deep we bring you our world famous Virgin’s Guide To Getting Your First Tattoo - just the kind of essential information you should be reading if it’s your first time (natch) or to hand out to friends/leave lying around the studio for those about to set out on their journey. 

Meanwhile, for those of us already knee deep in ink, we sit down with two of the UK’s brightest stars in two very different styles: Monika Koch and Cameron Hay (aka: Kameeleon). We also dug around in the world and discovered magic from the hands of Tati Compton, Joe Antoun, Sven Groenewald and the mighty Mattias Andersson who really does have a story to tell.

Sean Herman is here as always with his tales of the transformative tattoo, Josh Charnley from Warrington Wolves talks about his tattooed/rugby journey and we bring you some seriously great work from Poznan Tattoo Convention.

That’ll do the trick… you know what to do.


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