Skin Deep 304

Skin Deep 304 18 June 2019 304

Issue 304 of Skin Deep means we are officially 25 years old - which seemed like a good time to invite the visionary and original editor of our beloved magazine to write about those early days and talk about what’s changed between then and now. Fascinating. 

Meanwhile, back in 2019, we ask hard questions of the world. Are freckle tattoos cool or absolutely not? Tech tattoos - do they work? Is it really the future or just people messing around because they have nothing better to do? And most importantly… can we mix tattoos and blood donations and actually come up with something useful for the world? 

We’ve also got great artist interviews with Kirsty Simpson, Mr Hyde, Natalie Gardiner and Kyle Patrick… Sean Herman continues his quest to save the world one tattoo at a time… we bring you coverage from The Great British Tattoo Show and the Lyon Convention - and if that’s not enough, we have pages and pages of tattoos, that at the very least should inspire you to Get Good Ink.

Let’s do this…

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