Skin Deep 305

Skin Deep 305 16 July 2019 305

In Skin Deep 305, we went supersize with the assistance of Julian Siebert and Shane Tan - their large scale work is truly something to behold. We also have a special feature on rock ’n’ roll brides… who are a law unto themselves! Flanking all of this we look at the influence of Mario Barth and Bowery Stan on Kyle Jeffas and dig into the work of Jefree Naderali, Lui Kwiatkowska and Aries Rhysing. Sean Herman is on board as always and in the cracks of all that, we took in the show in Wroclaw, went to a Manga exhibition to explore its roots and messed around with some a couple of very nice Sailor Jerry inspired Martin guitars. 

Not a bad month’s work at all! 

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