Skin Deep 306

Skin Deep 306 13 August 2019 306

In issue 306, we go backwards and forwards in time and find Dennis Cockell back on his home turf at Diamond Jack’s in London’s Soho. If your pop culture reference is the 1980s, it’s most likely Dennis tattooed somebody you had a poster of. We caught up with iconic French tattooer D-GRRR as he releases a new book in which he addresses a war torn Europe with a Bic pen. We have a great feature interview with Matty Roughneck - if you ever wanted to know what a great outline looks like, you came to the right place. We’ve got an article on why people get name tattoos and take a look at a pop-artist who never intended to create pooping balloon dog tattoos, but did all the same (yeah, we’ve reached a whole new level with this one), we cover the Australian exhibition that explores ‘Our Bodies’, Sean Herman is still here with his stories of transformation through tattooing and as ever, there’s a whole stack more greatness than just these highlights.

Bring it.

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