Skin Deep 308

Skin Deep 308 8 October 2019 308

In issue 308 of Skin Deep, we investigate the modern legend that is Kevin Creekman... we like him so much as an ambassador for great tattooing (amongst other things) that we put him on the cover. 

Inside, we have Dr Lulu who figured out how to use a tattoo machine for etching - now there’s an interesting guy. We then slipped down to Brighton where Blue Dragon have just hit 30 years in business... a good time to ask what had changed in all that time we thought!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Stacey Martin Smith is knocking kewpie doll tattoos out of the park at a frightening rate... is there nothing she can’t twist into one of these cult designs? Probably not.

We also spent exactly one hour in the reception area of perhaps the busiest studio in London - Diamond Jacks - to take a snapshot of exactly what tattooers get asked of them on a daily basis. The results are... intriguing! 

As always, there’s way more than just this inside.

You know what to do.

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