Skin Deep 309

Skin Deep 309 5 November 2019 309

Issue 309 of Skin Deep and we have stuffed it full of awe.

Sadly, we play host to what was probably the last interview with Norm who sadly passed away on October 11. He seemed happy at the London Tattoo Convention, a man really getting to grips with where he was going with his tattooing journey - hopefully, we’ve done him justice here.

Meanwhile, we catch up with p-mod as he releases his first book of portrait photography that delves particularly deep into the tattooed lifestyle, we sat down with Andrea Afferni to talk about his life-time in realism and in a great feature, Dave Valentine really brings to the surface what it’s like to be a tattooer in 2019.

We also have Keira who tattoos nothing but cats (but damn, they are seriously beautiful cats), somehow, we found ourselves pulled into the ‘different gravity than the rest us’ force that is Guy Le Tatooer for an amazing feature and Kev Richardson Jnr shows exactly how he likes to tattoo the things that come from his eerie mind. 

As always, there’s a whole truckload of other great features inside, so you know what to do.

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