Skin Deep 310

Skin Deep 310 3 December 2019 310

In issue 310 we have a right royal mixed bag - which is what a magazine is supposed to be, right?
We take a look at the amazing book and photographic project from Hanumantra and Kaja Gwinsca called Faces of the Future - it’s going to change what you think about ‘being tattooed’ forever. We also had the opportunity to sit down with Loretta Leu and discuss her life with Felix Leu in what turned out to be a valuable lesson in tattoo history. Also on board, we have interviews and top-end artwork from Esther Garcia, Luke Ashley, Adam Dubois  and the always amazing Tomo.
Meanwhile, there’s action from the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, Sean Herman’s regular Transformative Tattoo series and as many tattoos as we could physically stuff into 116 pages without breaking it.
Let’s get it on…

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