Smallman Sydrome - 203

Published: 19 September, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 203, September, 2011

So then, I’m back from Edinburgh after a month of telling people all about my tattoos. If you were one of the many Skin Deep readers that came along to see me then thank you very much – was lovely to have you come along and listen to my rantings.

I managed to go through a whole month talking about tattoos and didn’t get a single new one on myself. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a load of ideas though, and I also have to have one for losing a bet to my very good friend (and fellow tattooed comedian) Martin Mor. I’ve got to have his face tattooed on me somewhere, and as you can see it’s a good job he’s got an interesting beardy face. I do love Martin, he’s like my comedy Uncle, so I’m more than happy to have him on me somewhere.

I’m also going to round out my Ron Burgundy tattoo with portraits of two of my other comedy heroes: Kenneth Williams from the Carry On films, and professional wrestler/author/crazed stuntman Mick “Mankind” Foley.  Better still, in November, Mr Foley will be on these shores doing his first stand-up tour of the UK, and I’m supporting him – so I can hold my arm up to him to see the likeness.

Which brings me to my question of the month:  Have you got a portrait of someone famous tattooed upon yourself and has the person in question ever seen it? There has to be a Skin Deep reader out there who has a photograph of their tattoo next to its famous subject. If you have send it in to me via the addresses below.

The last time we spoke I asked for yet more ridiculous tattoo designs for me. As always I received loads, but one in particular caught my eye. Mark Bassett – apprentice at No Regrets in Cheltenham – sent me in a brilliant take on the traditional panther tattoo. You can see a picture of it on this very page, and it had me laughing for ages. This of course leads to another question from me – have you got a twisted version of a traditional tattoo design?  I may well get the panther on me at some point. I’ve nicknamed him Colin, for no real reason other than he looks like a Colin.

Finally, you may remember that I had my Edinburgh show title – Tattooligan – painfully tattooed onto my stomach. Whilst it hurt a lot, it has certainly been a useful publicity tool, with lots of people asking to see it and it getting me on TV and the radio. It has made me think though – do you reckon I could sell my body as advertising space? I’ve got lots of room left if you’re interested, and I’m sure we could discuss decent rates...

Until next time, lovelies. Send me your pictures and emails, I do love hearing from you.

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Text: Jim Smallman