Skin Deep 208

During the new year festivities, I had a semi-drunken conversation with David Gamble (our beloved publisher) about religion. Mr Gamble is not particularly religious at all. In fact, he’s an out and out heathen – probably because the Gods took away all his hair and enforced Talking Heads as ‘favourite band’ on his psyche. Personally speaking, I’m Pagan to the core and am an unabashed Kiss fan. We all have our crosses to bear.

I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want any supernatural overlords that were human pushing my spirit around. Things that lurk in the darkness of the woods with antlers is fine and dandy, but following a man-made construction of what’s important? Not for me I’m afraid.

The beauty of the conversation was that we both heard and listened to what each other had to say, didn’t mock (well apart from the hair/Kiss thing) and appreciated the fact that it takes all kinds of people to keep the world spinning, each bringing their own views to the table. It was a cool start to the year.
I don’t think I get this across often enough in Skin Deep. It’s hard work listening to everybody that comes along and then deciding what readers will be interested in as a collective – particularly as there’s nothing more personal on the face of the planet than a tattoo. I got a roasting from a smart-arse a few months back who proudly told me I was nothing less than a hypocrite as in one article I published how the artist, Noon, was self-taught in far less than ideal circumstances, while in another article, we were saying how important getting an apprenticeship was.

I may be the mag editor, but I am not – and we are not – the tattoo police. I don’t have a stance on the matter. It’s going to happen one way or another whether I have an opinion or not. Those choices are for people who want to tattoo to make, not me – I’m a writer.

We’ve done some good work on this magazine in the last 12 months. Turned some big corners. It would be great to go further and that’s the goal, so let’s make it happen.

On which subject, if you’re feeling techno and own an ipad, jump on the apple newsstand and check out the totally redesigned interactive Skin Deep magazine experience. You can find it by searching for Skin Deep in either the newsstand app or on iTunes. It warms my heart to unleash this!

Anyway, we’re only here to have kids if we can and look after the place. The planet keeps turning regardless. Look after your own shit, get some ink, love your friends and family and give something back to the world every now and again. Harm none is a good rule to live by.

Bloody hippy.

Be cool to each other...


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