Letters - 205

Published: 15 November, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 205, November, 2011

From this issue forward, instead of giving away a t-shirt for great letters, we'll be diving into the Lucky Bag and seeing what we've got lying around. So you might get a book... might get a DVD... who knows?! That's why it's called a Lucky Bag...

Letter of the Month

The Frighteners

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you and your team at Skin Deep magazine for publishing the article on Scary in issue 202. I bought the issue initially for the flash supplement to use in my teaching of Body Adornment in my art lessons and as inspiration for a St Peter’s Keys tattoo in memoriam of my partner’s Dad who we lost in July (inked beautifully by Gold Frank formerly of Rose Ink). It soon turned out the issue was to assist me in other ways.

Having read the article I then watched the clips mentioned that featured on Teachers’ TV. I can not tell you how amazing it was to see a group of year ten students engaged and absorbing every word Scary had to tell them. As the clips feature a school in Rochdale (a town near to where I live), and me teaching at secondary school level, I know only too well the attitudes expressed by teenagers. It was amazing to see each student on the clips moved by Scary’s words.

As we have recently taken on a new Head at the school I work at, he mentioned in his opening speech that he wants the staff and school to take more risks in a student’s learning.

This sent bells ringing in my head. I contacted my Head explaining what I had read and watched and his response was positive. As a result I made contact with Scary. He could be the answer our school needs.

I was amazed at the quickness of Scary and his team’s response. Incredible. As soon as I sent off the request form found on Scary’s website I had a message from our receptionist saying a guy named Scary had called. Scary even sent me an email as well as telephoning. I returned Scary’s call. Boom! That is when the magic happened. The testimonies on his website are true, Scary is an inspiration and a motivational force. In my five years of teaching, I have never been so excited for my pupils or for my school.

I am in discussions with my Head Teacher about the possibilities of getting Scary and his team into our school. I am to deliver a presentation on Scary to the Senior Management Team explaining why his message would benefit our school. Scary and his team have been so helpful and supportive and it is only early days. I have been given mobile numbers and emails belonging to him and his team, and been provided with intensive information to fuel my presentation. Fingers crossed I get the green light and Scary ‘rocks my school’.
So in summary, thank you for publishing the article and keep those fingers crossed.

Kylie Hall

Thanks Kylie – sometimes when you put an article like that together, you do wonder if anybody will  actually grab onto the train of thought and run with it, so it’s great to read mail like this – and you are not alone! Speaking to Scary this week, it appears the words have struck a chord. Keep us clued in – we’d love to hear more on this as you go forward with it.

The song remains the same

Hi guys,

We feel that we need to write this letter not only to voice our own and many other peoples opinion, but also to vent some pent up pissed off-ness from our system. We are talking about the growing number of under aged teenies who are plastering themselves with tattoos.

It doesn’t help that annual televised talent shows have next generation Amy Winehouses and Justin Beibers prancing around the stage displaying a collection of illegal ink – and they’re barely out of high school! It was only a few months ago that a guy came into our studio enquiring about a tattoo for his daughter, as she has been on and on at him to let her have one.

When asked how old she was, he replied “she’s 12 – but a grown up 12.” We really couldn’t believe what had just fell out of his mouth. The most worrying thing was that because we refused and told him the whole ‘tattooing of minors act, etc.’, he was quite happy to go and find someone who would tattoo her, just to stop her moaning.

More worrying still, is that there are more and more people buying cheap tattooing equipment off the internet and butchering people from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Finally, we have found that there has been a sudden surge in young lads insisting on full-on neck and throat tattoos for their first ink. After we tell them that we don’t tattoo above the neck or below the wrist, we ask them what they do for a job. Nine times out of ten they reply, “I’m in uni.” They just don’t get the fact that it’s going to be with them for the rest of their lives, but they would quite like one there because their favourite band have them. Jesus!

Thanks for providing us with a great mag from month to month.

Stuart Jason Lee & Andy Ward
Ink ‘n’ Art Tattoo Studio
Pembroke, Wales.

It ain’t going away is it? And on an almost daily basis it continues to rear its ugly head over and over. I’ve come to realise a few things in the last six months. The first is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t save the world. The second is that no matter what you do to educate and make the world a better place, there will always be those who still ‘know better’. All you can do is stick by your principles and what you know is right and put yourself above the bottom feeders and go home at the end of the day knowing you did the right thing. Maybe the message that a tattoo is forever will start to sink in soon. Yeah. Go figure!