Punk's Not Dead

Published: 06 February, 2012 - Featured in Skin Deep 208, February, 2012

No, no, no – not that sort of punk. Punk of the steam variety – and the second I saw these, I  knew there would be an instant fanbase – if not for the actual concepts, then for miles and miles of inkspiration…

The last bit of animated steampunkery we saw from Disney was in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Sadly, most of the steam driven gadgets were traded for fluorescent face paint. But take a look at this – the perfect bit of Disneyesque concept art that’s a perfect starting place for a princess with plenty of technological know-how!

This series of steamy princesses is drawn by Brian Kesinger and they’re also available for purchase on his website at brian-kesinger.artistwebsites.com. There’s a reason these ladies look like they were born under a glistening Epcot ball. Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney animation studios, which only makes us want a lovely, octopus-walking princess all the more.

As for Brian himself, he has this to say: “I have been fortunate to wear many hats within the animation industry. My artistic travels have lead me to my current position as a story artist at Walt Disney animation studios. I am inspired by the amazing work of my friends and co-workers, as well as an eagerness to learn. I hope to share my learning experience with you and maybe even offer some inspiration as a way of giving back to the community of artists who have given so much to me.”

If any of you do succumb to the call of the art, we’d love to see the end results… pretty sure Brian would too.