Letters - 209

Published: 06 March, 2012 - Featured in Skin Deep 209, March, 2012

Air your views or have a rant...

A valid rant

We feel that we need to write this letter not only to voice our own, and many other peoples opinion, but also to vent some pent up pissed off-ness from our system. We are talking about the growing number of underaged teenies who are plastering themselves with tattoos. It doesn’t help that Annual Televised Talent Shows have next generation Amy Winehouse and Justin Beibers prancing around the stage displaying a collection of illegal ink, when they’re barely out of high school. It was only a few months ago that a guy came into our studio enquiring about a tattoo for his daughter, as she has been on and on at him to let her have one. When asked how old she was, He replied, “Oh, she’s 12… but a grown up 12.” We really couldn’t believe what had just fell out of his mouth. The most worrying thing was that, because we refused and told him the whole “Tattooing of Minors Act... etc.” he was quite happy to go and find someone who “WILL” tattoo her, just to stop her moaning. More worrying still, is that there are more and more people buying cheap tattooing equipment off the internet and butchering people from the comfort of their own kitchens. Finally, we have found that there has been a sudden surge in young lads insisting on full-on neck and throat tattoos for their first ink. After we tell them that we don’t tattoo above the neck or below the wrist, we ask them what they do for a job. Nine times out of ten they reply, “I’m in Uni…” They just don’t get the fact that it’s going to be with them for the rest of their lives, but they would quite like one there because their favourite band have them. Jesus!

Anyhow… rant over. Thanks for providing us with a great mag from month to month.

Stuart Jason Lee & Andy Ward

Thanks for the mail. There’s no accounting for people out there – it’s what makes the world go around. Standing your own moral ground is all you can do though – and for what it’s worth, I agree. There’s a time and a place for hands and necks – like when there’s no room left anywhere else, but then I can be a little bit old school like that. The teenie thing is just plain dumb though, I’m not sure which is worse – finding somebody that would actually do it, or the old man for letting her. That conversation stops at the words “Dad, can I...” in our house, whatever the subject matter!

I want my heavy metal!

Having just read your terrific editorial for the December issue of Skin Deep, I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t agree more with you! The whole ‘rockabilly’/ ’50s/ ’60s thing is a great look, etc., but why is it the ONLY prevalent ‘image’ seen (and even heard) at most tattoo conventions? I am a huge fan of tattoos, but I have to say the music I’ve heard at the conventions I’ve been to just leaves me cold. How about the organisers including a bit of variety in the music every now and then? Play some rock/ metal/ alt stuff maybe? Not all day or anything, just… some of the day? I mean, the London Tattoo Convention is a perfect example. Next year’s main band is Vince and the Boneshakers… isn’t that three years in a row now? There are literally hundreds of other bands that would LOVE the opportunity to play somewhere like a tattoo convention!

Ok, rant over… I’m gonna go put some Slipknot on :-P

Melanie, Belfast

What is this? ‘Letters from people called Melanie’ month? Hearing you live, loud and clear though…

Addicted to pain

I’ve read the article in issue 206 regarding the Dr Numb numbing cream. I personally feel that there is nothing like feeling the needle pulsating through your skin as you are being tattooed. Regardless of the pain, it’s the outcome of the tattoo that should subside the pain. Feeling the pain is part of the hype in getting a tattoo. I think this cream is for babies, I am a 25-year-old, of slim build, and I’ve now got 19 tattoos and I’ve had no numbing cream. I have sat there and taken it all in my stride. No pain, no gain I say. The pain is what makes me want to go back for more, it’s like a very addictive drug. I for one won’t be interested in getting any of this cream and if offered for free I would rather give it away than use it as I don't mind the pain.


I agree, though I wouldn’t go so far as use the drug analogy myself… and are you really sure the pain is what makes you go back for more? Surely the art, has to be the art – otherwise you might as well just stick pins in your hand and save yourself a ton of cash! I get your drift though…


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