Behind Closed Doors - Lianne Moule

Published: 19 July, 2012 - Featured in Skin Deep 214, July, 2012

When the tattoo studio doors are closed, you’ll find some artists in the pub. Some though, you’ll find kicking out the jams in other ways – and as you would rightly imagine, we see one hell of a lot of those ‘other ways’ here.

Maybe this will be an ongoing series. I’d like it to be. In our quest to bring the readership the best tattoos we can find, we sometimes have to leave behind the great work some artists do behind those closed doors. The first step towards rectifying this is simply to sweep your arm across the table and make a space. Job done.

This spread is a little snapshot into what goes on behind closed doors for Lianne Moule (Immortal Ink). Well known across the international scene she may be, but for those not privileged to own a piece of flesh from her, these little pieces of work are no small deal. They’re a very big deal indeed.