Scenes from: The Summer Inkfest 2012 - Genk, Belgium

Published: 23 July, 2012 - Featured in Skin Deep 214, July, 2012

The first Summer Inkfest in Genk in the eastern part of Belgium took place in an historical mine building called C-Mine. It may be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last as we take closer look at this great weekend.

“I am new in the tattoo scene, but people already know me from that. I travel a lot along conventions in Europe and Asia. Next year I will organise next to Brussels and Genk, a new Belgian convention in Genk, that will be in March” - Kim – SummerInkFest Manager

Kim wants to give new Belgian talent a chance like Pip and Tommy, local artists from Genk and Black Bird Tattoo; and Polak, a young artist of Harai Tattoo (Gent). The female Belgian artist Mpatshi tattoos sketchy designs and Frank from nearby Houthale tattooed an American car at the arm of fireman Kurt.

Besides the Belgian artists there are many Dutch artists working in Genk like the Needle Art crew and Lyz and Gerrit of Tattoo Mania, Apeldoorn. Gerrit wins Saturday the Best of Day with a colourful skull at the leg of Alain from Brussels. “It’s a skull with a brush and an open end spanner,” he explains to me. “This has to do with my passion. I like to repair and to paint motorbikes. And I produce decorative objects like the little sculptures of women for the price-winners of the contests.” On Sunday Gerrit and Alain also winsthe Best of Show.

Eastern Europe

There are also two female Polish artists, both now tattooing in Amsterdam. Basia, who works in the booth of Amsterdam Tattooing, wins Best Old School on Sunday. Meanwhile, Emilia tattoos in Amsterdam at House of Tattoos. On her leg she wears a tattoo of a flying deer, tattooed by the Romanian/Hungarian artist Icon (Tattoo Centre Alkmaar). Her left arm is tattooed by Claudia of Classic Ink & Mods, Amsterdam.

Lady Luck

Two female artists from Weert, Limburg, are working in Genk: Candy Cane and Lady Luck. Lady Luck is tattooed on her left arm in an old school style by Han of King of Kings, Swalmen. “What I like about old school is the use of colours and the clear images. Some tattoos are connected with my family. On my elbow you see a heart with safety pins, that’s my creative heart.” Also from the Netherlands is Sjanett who is tattooed by Jo Harrison: “It’s a collection of paintings of Alphonse Mucha. It’s about music, poetry and precious stones. The hair of the woman is characteristic for the women who’s portrait he painted. The flowers are derived from different precious stones.”


Text: Rik Van Boeckel