Skin Deep 221

I had a weird conversation this week with a guy that runs a fashion blog. Not really my sort of thing having been a fashion victim all my life, but his name is Dave Hill. Now, for somebody who more than appreciates glam rock, my first thought was ‘Hey – Dave Hill – the guy from Slade with the fringe.’ I was going to make some dumb comment about it in response when I noticed that Dave’s signature actually reads:

‘Not the one from Slade’

Dave Hill

Which in itself is a brilliant forethought, even though I think it should actually read Dave ‘not the one from Slade’ Hill, but it’s not my signature and we should let him off.

Over on Dave’s blog, his latest run of posts have got some fun tattoo commentary in there, which is why I mention it here – you can find him at which, maybe like you, got me to wondering who the other 39 people that wanted to blog about hats could be? Upon further investigation, I see that there aren’t any, which was a bit of a disappointment, but to be fair, is probably good news for Dave Hill. Not the one from Slade – the other Dave Hill. I never in a million years thought I’d find anything of interest in a fashion blog, but hatman40 is quite fun and has some good things to say.

Unlike Paul Sweeney – who can often be seen zipping about the countryside in a pair of yellow pants – these clothing items are not for me. It has, however, answered some questions that had been hanging around in my head for far too long. Questions like – who in the world would design yellow pants and be able to sell them commercially to high street stores and also expect people to buy them? Well now I have my answer. People like Dave Hill – and probably Dave Hill from Slade too. He may even have been the forerunner of the concept. I see his fringe style has already entered the realm of being the fringe of choice for an awful lot of models.

While this has very little to do with tattooing as such, I find it a much more honest approach than sitting here writing an editorial telling you that we’ve got X, Y, and Z in this issue, because (brace yourself) if you turn just one page, you’ll find all of that on the contents page. Not only that, but rather cleverly, we’ve designed the magazine so that by turning the pages, you’ll find out anyway.

Coincidentally, I also came across a brilliant Bulgarian tattoo artist last week called Noddy Holder. What are the odds on that happening? Seriously, what are the odds on a) a tattoo artist having the same name as the Slade dude in b) the same week as I was chatting with Dave Hill (not the one from Slade). I’ll tell you exactly what the odds are. They are a big fat zero. I’m lying about the Noddy Holder bit. Which just goes to show, you’ll believe anything so long as it’s in print and is why you should choose your reading partners very carefully.

So apologies for not having much of an actual tattoo theme to introduce the mag with this month – but last week was Tattoo Freeze, I have a mag to take care of, another mag to take care of, a big show to get behind, and some book projects poking me in the back. I think I’m allowed to find some inspiration in Dave Hill’s yellow pants just this once.

I really, really don’t mean that how it sounds, but it’s quite humourous, so I’ll let it slide.


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