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Skin Deep 225 28 May 2013 225

Current affairs. Not a big subject of mine at all. I’m far happier paying attention to people who can create art that resonates, rock music, shows with monsters in, and coffee.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that it’s probably not one of yours either, but sometimes, things carry so much weight it’s hard to avoid them. In the UK right now, the news has been dominated by celebrity after celebrity being arrested or questioned over alleged sex offences – some of which go back decades. The press are all over it and it shows no sign of slowing down either. Each ‘revelation’ is more shocking than the last the deeper they get into it.

It can only be a matter of time before this crosses to other countries and becomes an even bigger reveal as people we once took to be part of the ‘respectable’ furniture of our past environment, shrink away from the limelight in search of a privacy they never thought they would need.

To the point: so far, none of these people have been tattooed. If they were, you can guarantee it would be mentioned. They would be  known as ‘the tattooed celebrity’, and for too great a majority of people living in this country, that would be good enough to at least partially explain it to them – like it was expected behaviour from a person ‘delinquent enough to get themselves tattooed’.

Let’s take a look at the world right now. There are exceptions to this, but they are minor compared to what’s going on in the bigger picture. Finances around the world have collapsed. The cause is greed. The amount of heavily tattooed people responsible for that? Very few. Aforementioned sex offences – and the doubtless unreported hundreds/thousands of others. The cause is power. How many wars are there going on right now in the world? Six high profile ones at least. The cause… jeez, you name it; religion, territory, power, money, but none of it has been instigated over a tattoo.

Let’s come in through the out door on this. Who’s out there fighting the war? Tattooed people and non-tattooed standing together (on all sides no doubt). Who’s reaping the tail end of the whirlwind of a global financial crisis? Tattooed and non-tattooed people standing together just trying to get by in the world.

Working behind a coffee shop counter with your tattoos on display is not a crime. Being in the police (and they seem to be getting a right nailing on this front at the moment) with tattoos doesn’t make you a shitty cop. It makes you the dude that went and picked up the guy who thought he was a big shot back in the ’70s. Isn’t that really the way things should be looked at? Isn’t that what we all want from something we contribute to?

And yet, as a community/ tribe (however you wish to bundle inked people), it’s very rare that a good news story will filter through. But there are many – like the examples starting to come through the grapevine of women using beautiful tattoo art to cover mastectomy scars.

But as usual, the death of one is a tragedy and the death of millions is just a statistic.

I would suggest it’s time to take a stand and point these things out when the amoebas of the world conspire against you. You can’t outsmart their opinions because we’re all entitled to be wrong, but you can shine a torch on the truth.

I’m full of hippy shit like this, but it’s not about peace, love and understanding – it’s about being a decent human being. Is that so much to ask, whether you’re tattooed or not? Spread the good news not the bad. Nobody likes to hang out with fun suckers.


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