Behind Closed Doors - Dawnii Fantana

Published: 17 September, 2012 - Featured in Skin Deep 216, September, 2012

My name is Dawnii Fantana. I’m a tattooist in Birmingham, UK. I’ve been tattooing for around ten years and have had my own studio, Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour, for four years. Like so many tattoo artists, my job pretty much consumes my life – I eat, sleep and breath tattooing, and when I’m not… then it’s all about the art! I’m happiest when I’m painting and drawing.

“With tattooing taking priority and as a custom artist, I always have designs to draw up, so it’s difficult to find time for my art. But lately I’ve made a conscious effort to dedicate more time to it, and have launched a shop selling my artwork, driving me to stay prolific.

“Most of my work is in acrylic, but I enjoy all mediums and like to mix them up; painting allows me the freedom to experiment that I miss in tattooing.”

Being the top sport that she is, Dawnii has also given a pair of limited edition mounted prints to give away – that would be the matching pair of retro boxers that you see here. If you’re sitting there thinking just how much of a great addition they’d make to your wall, as usual, it couldn’t be much easier than dropping a blank email to with the subject line ‘Painted Lady’. We’ll do the rest. Meantime – simply enjoy the fruits of somebody
else’s labour…