Behind Closed Doors 223 - Sam Jackson

Published: 26 March, 2013 - Featured in Skin Deep 223, April, 2013

On our continued hunt for what those tattoo dudes get up to when they’re not pounding in the ink, we keep turning up some extraordinary material. This issue, Sam Jackson. Over to you Sam…

“I worked as a tattooist for almost 13 years and ran my own studio for seven of them. Last year, after losing a good friend I’d met through the industry, I suffered a breakdown and was forced to take some time off. The upside of this is that I’ve had plenty of time on my hands to start drawing again.

“I inherited a mountain of antique books and paper from my father, who was an antique book restorer, and have been itching to use these loose 16th century bible pages for years. I love to work in ink and pencil (my art teacher at school despaired of my insistent use of coloured pencils) and find that this type of paper, as well as watercolour paper, lends a beautiful texture to the finished piece.

“This series of pictures has not only kept me busy, they have also aided my recovery greatly. And it’s nice to finally have the opportunity to explore and expand on my own abilities. I intend to fully make up for all the years I spent doing other peoples’ art, and when I do finally return to work, not only will I be ready, I‘ll be better than I’ve ever been…"

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