Behind Closed Doors 224 - Joseph Bergeron & Keith Who

Published: 29 April, 2013 - Featured in Skin Deep 224, April, 2013

What started out as a virtual road trip to see what tattoo artists got up to in their down time, has turned into quite the little art collection. The variety of styles out there is quite something. If I had the leverage to open some kind of international gallery and display it all at once, we’d really be onto something special. This month, we hand the pens over to Joseph Bergeron and Keith Who…

“Keith and I have been collaborating on many different mediums or artwork for about five years now. We started out collaborating on tattoos and then began working on paintings and other artwork together. We have spent countless hours at the drawing table working together and inspiring one another. Our first collaboration was on three separate canvases that we layered on top of one another for a layered effect. The painting featured an arm stretching out towards a lock with the hand holding a key for the lock, leaving what is behind the door open to interpenetration of the person(s) looking at the painting. This was just the beginning, since then we have produced many works of art together and plan to continue making our custom art together for a long time with more to come.

“We also worked together on designing the newest album cover for the band Angel Trumpet, and have recently started collaborating on tattoos as well.”

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