The Cover Model 224 - Sian

Published: 29 April, 2013 - Featured in Skin Deep 224, April, 2013

Gracing the cover this issue – a somewhat shy, retiring young lady who goes by the name of Sian. Let’s have some fun and see just how shy and retiring she may be…

It says here that you’re a horror fan – and that you got yourself a part in the (very) cult classic movie ‘Zombies from Ireland’. How did you luck your ass into that situation?

"Well I saw that they were casting for a leading lady and that she had to be hot and not squeamish. So I sent them my pics and a short description about myself. They said I had the perfect look and that I sounded ideal, so they invited me on set and I talked to the team and we all got on and that was that. They hired me on the spot."

Hang on a second… ‘Zombies from Ireland’. I don’t get it? What’s it about? :)

"The story is as insane as the title! The government has been testing anti swine flu drugs on criminals serving life in an Irish jail. The experiment goes wrong and the inmates are to be shipped to an advanced lab in London. However, on the voyage, the inmates turn to zombies and attack the boat. They are then washed up on the picturesque island of Llanddwyn (Anglesey) where they feast through the land and attempt to cross the iconic Menai bridge to infest the rest of mainland UK. Will they make it off the island or will they be stopped in time! You get the picture!"

Seriously though, is that something you’re gonna be looking at doing again in the future? I mean, all kinds of people read this mag you know, you never know what might happen.

"I would love to do more films. I get so into the role that I live that character through the whole filming process and become obsessed with being the best I can! Also, getting to murder people, work with tanks, wrestlers and gallons of blood was pretty cool… a bit different from being on the Eastenders set I would imagine!"

You’ve got a Jack Russell, huh – there was a story on the radio yesterday about a woman that lived on a houseboat and her Jack Russell ran away and got stuck down a hole somewhere. Three fire trucks later and a lot of shovels, little Jack was rescued to the costly sum of ten grand. Is your little Jack worth that kind of money?

"Oh my god. I’m nearly crying here, that is a brilliant story. Yes I would sell your house too if it meant saving my beloved Jack Russell, Bicci Body. Love him so much."

The more I read about you, the more I’m thinking you’ve got your head screwed on pretty damn hard. With a ‘bloody wedding dress’ shoot in the can for the promo of Slaughterhouse Farm comic (launching at Wales Comic-Con at the end of April) – I would say you’re looking to make something of a name for yourself as a bit of a scream queen. I don’t think Wales has ever had a Scream Queen of its own. Fancy the job?

"It’s my life so I want to fill it with as much things I enjoy as possible. I love all the horror and comic gigs I get as it is fantasy roles I play where I am larger than life and and it is never, never boring. I have been told after the Zombies from Ireland screenings that my screams during one particular scene (the peeling face in car scene) is so intense and chilling, that people were actually fidgeting and biting their nails in their seats. So yeah, I think this qualifies me as Wales’ newest legit scream queen! Now bow down before me, peasant!"

Those two cats on your legs… they’re not your folks by any chance are they re-interpreted into fluffy animals? If not – am I allowed to know the story behind them?

"My folks? how much acid are the Skin Deep staff doing these days!

"No, seriously though they have a lovely story that was made up whilst the artist (Shakey Pete) came up with the design. They are sailor cats, one boy one girl. The girl is super sad, but proud that her brave sailor boy (cat) is going out to sea to do his duties. And the boy is trying to put on a brave face for his girl as he knows in the back of his mind that they might never see each other again… so romantic."

Hold up here a second, what’s with all the water? The jellyfish dress? The nautical cats, the Siren necklace, the sleeve… and is that a shark or a turtle on your leg (and I’m asking because I haven’t got a shot of it, not because it’s crap and i can’t tell what it is!) Dreams of being a mermaid?

"Having grown up on an island I have always been close to the sea. I love the mystery of it and the fact that there are really cool creatures like sharks and jellyfish hanging out in there.

"Also, the sea has been the very inspiration for tattoos since… well tattooing began and I believe that it will never never go out of fashion, like some new style tattoos will. I have been told that I am similar to the ‘Siren of the Sea’. Men can’t resist me and they slowly drift towards me, ignoring all the dangers and eventually I will lead them to ruin. I don’t see it myself and think they are exaggerating!"

I spy a blank arm… well, mostly. On purpose? Still chewing it over? Or being clever and saving it for a rainy day?

"I obsess over tattoos and will not get them on on a whim. I enjoy the researching, drawing on my own arm to see if I like it, the whole build up process to getting a tattoo. Also I usually change my mind after about a week then I think phew, lucky I didn’t just go and get one!

"I want something on my arm but not sure yet, so I will keep obsessing and looking over the pages of Skin Deep to try and find some inspiration. Itching for a new one though, and I am not ashamed to say I am well addicted to getting tattooed and the glorious pain that comes with it. That is why I had my sleeve done back to back in two days… brutal!"

Do people have as much trouble with your name as they do with mine? If not, I can introduce you to quite a lot of people who can carve it up into nonsense in the fraction of a second!

"Yes, a lot of people pronounce my name ‘Saian’ especially Yanks – I think Americans think I’m Asian. I love my name though and sort of enjoy people struggling with it a bit if I’m honest; they go all apologetic and I’m not really that bothered, but it’s funny to see. I will avoid the obvious ‘Sion a Sian’ reference that could be made here and leave it to the editor’s discretion."


For the record – mostly for those who aren’t Welsh, which will be quite a lot of you, Sion a Sian is a Welsh language programme in which two unbelievably cool people (called Sion and Sian… natch) hunt for monsters and supernatural beings in an old black Triumph Spitfire on a quest to save the world from evil. Or am I thinking of something else here? Yeah, maybe that’s something else.

It’s actually a quiz show in which young couples pit their wits against each other in order to win some cash. Sion is pronounced like ‘Sean Connery’ and Sian is pronounced like, er… ‘Sharn’. Hurry up and make some more films woman so that we can use you as a first-hand reference! Either way, I think I prefer the first version of the show.


Text: Sion Smith; Photography: Scott Cole