Panayiotis Anastasakos

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About Me

I started as a professional tattoo artist at early 1995 , as I opened my own studio.
Back then there was not even internet or even the ability to purchase tattoo flash so everything was made by hand and custom design work.
I did not learn the art as an apprentice and for that matter I have my own style and overall abillity on custom art and types of designs.
For 20 years now I ‘ve earned the appreciation of my collectors as a reliable artist.
I prefer the longterm relation with my collectors-customers, and I had succeed so by being honest, polite ,and up to date at hygienics and design as an artist no matter the design or the desire of each person.
I like very much free hand work.

Award winning tattoo artist with 20 years of experience, good rep, plenty of magazine coverage, and more importantly very hard working and ego free, looking for an honest, tattoo loving and no agenda studio to be a part of ( I.e-not just 'staff''!)
There seems to be a recent trend of studios hiring more artists than actually needed, and the sole reason of me looking is to improve my client base, so if your studio is turning a lot of work away, please feel free to give me a shout. I've worked at a lot of studios and always fit in easily with no problems. Also, I realise business is business, and has to be dealt with correctly to be successful, but the main reason I've tattooed for so many years is for the love of tattooing as an art form,, the history and tradition, and to protect it for the future, so although we all need enough to live our lifestyles, money is not my god! I may have an old school background and morals, but I keep my work and attitude bang up to date, and always strive to stay current and modern in style and technique.
The reason I want to work in Tbilisi is because i know i have alot to offer in experience in the tattoo industry there beside my likeness for the country.
I have my own studio and after 20 years of continuing success i want to go somewhere else to work in the field that i love ..
please feel free to CHECK my site CMTATTOOS.GR and I 'll be glad to answer any questions you have ...
i have a extensive portofolio all styles are preferable but i kinda enjoy freehand biomechanicals and realistic work
I have succesfully earned the appreciation of my clients over the years as a reliable all around artist and I've helped others to achieve their dreams many times in this field.

feel free to ask any questions
from a professional to another ..

sincerelly ..

Panayiotis Anastasakos (cmtattoos)