Phil Kyle


About Me

Phil has been tattooing since about 1993.
He fell in love with tattoos at a young age in America when he was 5 or 6 years old. A neighbor from England was covered in tattoos and right then Phil knew he would have tattoos in the future mean while covering himself with ‘lick & stick’ tattoos sold by the local ice cream man in bubble gum packages.
Later Phil was inspired by his 2 Uncles who were Architects in France and could draw very well. They passed him on various art supplies and thats when the hobby of drawing started. He was about 9 or 10 then. The hobby became a serious past time spending hours on end drawing.
At 13 Phil discovered Punk Rock music. At 15 he got his first tattoo. At that time there were no real regulations in tattooing. It was in the 80’s and the world was changing. In the punk scene Phil would see bands like G.B.H and Agnostic Front and the Cro Mags... all covered in tattoos... Yet again leaving another lasting impression on him.
From the moment of his first tattoo it was over, he knew there would be more to come.
Phil finally started asking for an apprenticeship at main Street tattoos in Maryland just outside of Baltimore. Wanting to learn properly and not buy shitty tattoo kits and take it on himself. Finally after about 4 years of hounding and being persistent he got the apprenticeship.
After a few years of working at Main Street tattoo Phil Moved to Atlanta and worked at Sacred Heart tattoo with Tony Olivas. After a year there he took to the road and traveled much of the east coast and mid-west of America...Landing himself in Cincinnati Ohio at Permanent Productions with Mike Dorsey and Kore Flatmo.
Years gone by Phil moved to Europe and tattooed some time in Nice, France until moving to the Brittany region and worked at Neusky Tattoo/Tattoo 55.
Phil had gone to Brighton England with Neusky after a tattoo convention in Portsmouth and felt at home... An amazing sea front town, alive and full of creativity... He said “One day i will open a shop here” 2007 that finally Happened. After traveling doing guest spots all over Europe and Conventions.
At the same time the shop was getting remodeled before opening Phil was filming on the set of London Ink a TV show about a tattoo shop on the Discovery Channel aired all around the globe.Exciting and stressful times.But all worth it.All opportunities to give back to tattooing what it has given to him.Phil is a strong believer in the ‘old school’ traditions of tattooing and respecting it.
Finally after being on the road and using the Magnum Opus name for years the name found a home in Brighton. Magnum Opus tattoo. Magnum Opus is latin for ‘Master Piece’ or ‘ones greatest work’. Magnum Opus also includes an Art Gallery in the downstairs of the shop where many shows have been put on, as well as Gigs with such artists as Jake La Botz and Brighton based RedManRed.
Now with the Magnum Opus crew and the shop being open since 2007, he can be found in Brighton at the shop doing his thing. As always he is still doing International conventions and guest spots.
Phil thanks everyone he has ever had the chance to work with and of course the people who support his work in tattooing and all his side projects.