About Me

Born and raised in Sukabumi, West Java. I received my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and still a high school. The time tattoo equipment in Indonesia is hard to come by. Indonesia tattoo artists only use handmade machine, which is very simple and the needle used is a sewing needle. The result is not smooth like a modern machine/machine manufactured. When finding a sharp sewing needle can be a good result, but if the results are very rude blunt needle, bad and even become infected. When it is difficult to produce a good tattoo because of the limitations of the tool.
Tattooed activity continued until 2001 when it was my college in graphic design. In 2001 I was forced to stop tattooing. because I am aware of the limitations of the tool and the results are often unsatisfactory. When the media information such as the Internet are still rare and expensive (Indonesia's economic crisis). So it is difficult to obtain information about the world of tattoos.
After graduating from college, mid 2003 I moved to the Lombok Island is to run the company of my parents while working on graphic design. And in 2008, when I was watching Miami Ink my passion for working in the world of tattoos reappeared. Internet media when it was easy to come by, using my savings to buy tattoo kits over the internet. I feel the art of tattooing is my life and I love it. I started to learn to be a professional to continue studying the modern machine.
Since I studied graphic design, I always had a fondness for drawing style realism. So susceptible to style my own tattoo. I really like the black and gray realism in the art of tattooing.
And today I operate DitaTTooiN/Lombok Action Ink Tattoo Studio located in a very beautiful island of Lombok. Please come to my studio to get these tattoos as you want. With an educational background graphics desian I seek to serve and gave the best for my clients.
Please come to DitaTTooiN/Lombok Action Ink Tattoo Studio and enjoy the sensation of beauty of the Lombok Island ....