Sean Vasquez

About Me

There is no doubt that the life I live is a life based on the philosophies that I have come to embrace thru the Art of Tattooing. I live like a tattooist. There is not much more in my life than the constant pursuit of tattoo perfection. This art form is consuming like any other I would say. I can only speak for my own Guild thou. For I have no other experience other than within the field of Skin Graphics.
I embraced tattooing, as one of its participants, will be twenty-one years this March I believe. Stepping into the world of tattooing was like the beginning of a great adventure that would lead me everywhere in the search of enlightenment. A journey that even thou came filled with such passion, such trials, tribulations, and obstacles, would after time lead me to self-satisfaction. Even thou, my achievements’ have, never satisfied me enough to stop the quest. A quest that no matter how challenging and full of pit falls would lead to many a Holy Grail and many Pots of Gold. However, even gold can lose its luster and grails can become all too easy to find. Therefore, the path is never finally walked down, and the road seems like it will be there till my shoes don’t work anymore, and my brain can no longer hold all the wonders that I have had the great opportunity to behold..
As I look into the face of Forty-Eight this year I sit back and remember the “Old Days „the times before Throw away tubes, tattoo instructional videos, and You Tube.. Spending a good part of my tattoo career as one of the top professionals in my field. I have a great retrospective overall. I’ve watched tattooing grow to overwhelming statistics. Seen it change rapidly. Witnessed the waves of new talent and the ever-growing oversaturation of what was once the most secret industry in the world. There is no doubt that tattooing is here to stay!
My intentions as a tattoo artist are simple. I produce quality original artwork. Combining a Japanese influence with an Austro European Style never forgetting my New York roots I have created a unique and recognized style of tattooing that has become influential to all the artists working under my roof. I demand no less than total quality from my colleges as well as of myself.
Today I get to see the whole thing a little more. I can take a better look at it for I don’t have to run thru the world anymore. Tattooing is my sanctuary my place where I can think. I find myself sometimes lost in the moment. Nevertheless, I am totally in tune with the work. In the groove, the music begins and of we go. Tattooing is not just a job it is my life. When it comes to my work there is no price one can charge that would pay me more than the satisfaction I get from working with, my people.
Sean Vasquez/Hori Karasu