Winston Gomez

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Working Tattoo Artist

About Me

My name is Winston Gomez i have over 30 years experience in tattooing and im also a master body piercer.During this time i have organised conventions in Chester and Wrexham and have won several ,including 1st place for best female back piece and 1st for best male leg piece at the Ink and Iron 2004 in Birmingham.I've spent 15 years running my own studio in Telford,very successfully but after averging 60 hour weeks for the majority of my career , i decided to take some time off to spend whith my two beatifull maturing sons.I've recently moved to Brighton , and now im eager to carry on doing what i do best ,tattooing.I have so many years of experience ,in all stylesof tattooing and very efficient in portraits , black and grey ,old school ,new school, japenese well all of it.I make needles,machine doctor i've been so lucky to have been around some of the finest old timers, whos information i've sucked up like a sponge.iI've had a number of apprentices, who have all gone on to be award winning artists ,im so proud to say.I put as much effort into a little ladybird as a large backpiece,at t5he end of the day its their tattoo.
I've travelled extensivlyn whith my career,and have had the pleasure to learn whith many fantastic artists,skills which are so important in getting the job done rite.I think its important to improve and i never get complacent in my work.