About Me

After demobilization from the active non-commissioned servise in the Croatian Army during the Croatian War of Independence, Ninoslav undergoes the training in the protection from blood transmitted diseases, the sterilization training and the training for administrative work, in Tattoo Studio ZAGREB under the supervision of Ivana Švalj, the owner of the salon at the time. Late 1993 Ninoslav starts working as a tattooist and also on the sterilization. In 1995, during a tattoo convention in Amsterdam, he undergoes the training for the jewelry application, under the mentor Denis Dikke, in Amsterdam, in the Tattoo Studio SKIN DEEP and also the additional training for tattooing under the mentor Jana Huis in Tattoo Studio ALMERE (ex-mentor of Ivana Švalj). . After that he participates on numerous international conventions, seminars and congresses on tattooing and body piercing as a drawer, lecturer and a member of the jury. This results in numerous awards, recognitions, published works and interviews in foreign tattoo magazines and books, and also in fast advancement among the elite of the international tattoo scene.
Together with tattooing and jewelry application, Ninoslav is the author of numerous design kits for tattooing, several models of carved frames of tattooing machines, the Ethic and Hygiene Manual of the Croatian Association of Tattooists (this Association is unfortunately not active) and the jewelry applicants, as well as the complete texts of this and previous web pages. Through direct crafts training of his apprentices, through lectures and internal debates on the local and international scene, Ninoslav forms a line of recognized master tattooists and jewelry applicants, and influences the course of the development of many other colleagues from younger generation, both in practice and theory.