Colmar Tattoo Convention, Strasbourg - 2006

Published: 30 March, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 133, May, 2006

This year was the first time the exhibition site of Colmar had accommodated an international convention of tattooing and piercing. The company was represented by Diane and Evelyne. They decided to stage a convention in Colmar because of the warm reception that they had received by the people living there. In previous years Diane was the organiser along with other tattooists of the Strasbourg convention. This year the location was changed for practical reasons as Strasbourg had out grown itself.

Colmar is located about 70 kilometres away and has as much charm as Strasbourg. It has a lot to offer tourists as it is a city that presents a multitude of attractions. For example the historical center, the extensive pedestrian area where you can enjoy strolling through picturesque streets and passages and it is hard not to marvel at the rich collections of the various museums. At night buildings are lit up with a multitude of coloured lights that really show off its beauty as well as its architectural inheritance which led to Colmar being awarded a prize from the Academy of Road Arts.

It is no wonder then that Colmar was chosen to host the convention, usually held at Strasbourg, on the 11th and 12th on February 2006. This convention organised in partnership with the Ministry for Health attracted in the region of thirty tattoo artists. Among the tattoo artists there were American Body Art of Paris, Royal Tattoo as well as Belgian’s Wildcat. With the range of artists present there was a chance for people to be tattooed among the best as well as get good advice. There were many styles of tattoos on offer which included the choice of biomechanical tattoos, custom, tribal or Polynesian. For those fans of Polynesian tattooing a specialist was on hand called Stuck Virizmu originating from Tahiti. After having begun the trade in his country of origin, he came to France and for four years where he has been tattooing for Tahoti Va’ has Tattoo in Toulon. He has a lot to offer and hopes to teach people about Polynesian culture through the art of tattooing. As well as various tattooists there were other stands selling T-shirts and leather jackets as well as a promotion of Harley Davidsons led by the motor bike club European Renegades.  

During the convention I met a variety of people including Dominique Ebran a 50 year old who is tattooed on 80 % of his body. He appreciated and enjoyed Colmar’s first convention. He told me about his own experiences with tattoos which started at the age of 13. He started by tattooing himself as he wanted to look more masculine. Forty-five years later and Dominique did not give a second thought to tattooing until his eldest son, Sebastien, decided to get his first tattoo after he had found a good tattoo artist in Colmar. Dominique started by having his childhood tattoos covered up. He then carried on with getting more tattoos, he said it “Becomes like a drug”. For the past five years he has been tattooed for 3 hours every month. All that remains is “the left knee, the buttocks and the bottom of the belly” to tattoo. I asked whether then he will be finished and he indicated that he will not touch his hands or face because his wife, Patricia, has forbidden it. Dominique’s wife has one tattoo, a lotus flower on the right scapula, but she does not want anymore as it is too painful. In addition to his wife and his elder son, his two others sons Vincent and Guillaume are also tattooed. Tattoos seem to be a central part of his family’s life. 

There were many visitors in the two days of the convention clocking up at approximately seven thousand. The success of this first convention will encourage Diane to continue next year. She hopes to encourage more people to attend in succeeding years. 

For any information:

Diane: 0033 687 72 00 40


And The Winners Are...

Large Tattoo

1st: Dimitri by Asphalt Jungle

2nd: Olivier by Absolum Tattoo

3rd: Dom by Absolum tattoo


Black and white

1st: Unknown

2nd: Wil by Royal tattoo Studio

3rd: Dom by Absolum tattoo


Colour Tattoo

1st: Nico 

2nd: Rodolphe by Eight Crew Tattoo

3rd: Dom by Absolum tattoo


Best of day

1st: David by Art de Corps

2nd: Clarissa by Royal Tattoo Studio


Text & Photography: Daniel Pissondes