Want to be featured in Tattoo Vixens 2?

Want to be featured in Tattoo Vixens 2?

We are looking for beautiful women who are adorned with wonderful body art, and have got something to say.

You don’t have to be a professional model and to this effect we have created two categories for entrants: Professional and Amateur.

For the model entrants, we are looking for photo shoots that have not been published in the UK previously.

For the amateur entrants, please submit information about yourselves and any photographs you have, showing off your ink. The winners will then be invited to a professional photo shoot for inclusion in the title.

Voting will be by the public, so once you have uploaded your information, don’t forget to promote yourself via as many places as possible, FaceBook, MySpace, forums, etc. Winners in both categories will then be interviewed (by email or telephone) for inclusion in the final publication.

Tattoo Vixens is on sale now in WHSmith and newsagents around the country including many overseas countries too, so check it out! Tattoo Vixens 2 will be on sale early August with the first issues available at Tattoo Jam 2011. Good Luck!

Entry to be part in Tattoo Vixens 2 is now closed and voting is over. The successful entrants will be notified by June 17.